The Darlie Routier Case


The Last Defense    ABC Docu-Series critical of our Justice System, specifically regarding the Routier Case.

Petition    To the Dallas DA - Re-open the Routier case.

More DNA Tests   URGENT: Trace DNA of an unkown donor found but need to raise $15,000 for more sofisticated lab that can extract more detail. Please click the link on the left to donate.

Death Row PlanThe operation of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Death Row housing units an perimeter functions. Adopted 2004 by the Correctional Institutions Division of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

http://www.tcadp.orgTexas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty

www.JusticeDenied.orgJustice: Denied e-magazine for the wrongfully convicted.

www.TexasDefender.orgTexas Defender Service

State Of DenialRead TDS's first report, A State of Denial:Texas Justice and the Death Penalty, a report about all Death Row Trials that have come to conclusion since the reinstatement of the Texas Death penalty. This report provides a comprehensive review of the prosecutorial misconduct, falsified evidence and testimony, police misconduct and corruption that take place in high profile, career making death penalty cases of the Texas Justice System.

Lethal IndifferenceRead TDS's new report, Lethal Indifference: The Fatal Combination of Incompetent Attorneys and Unaccountable Courts, which has been extensively covered in the national media.

The Exonerated A play based on the true life stories of several innocent people who have been on Death Row for up to 22 years before they were exonerated or executed. This play demonstrates how even still today, innocent people can be easily caught in a system that is more interested in scoring a conviction than finding the truth. One of the stories is about a very famous execution in which the person did not die in the electrice chair until after three shocks when his head caught fire. This person was later found to be innocent.

Sissel NorwayDANGER OF EXECUTING THE INNOCENT ON THE RISE, Four-year study - By David E. Rovella, The New York Law Publishing Company

Compassionate FriendsGrief support after the death of a child

German SiteDarlie Routier, eine junge Mutter, die in Texas unschuldig in der Todeszelle sitzt, braucht IHRE Hilfe!