I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible…with liberty and justice for all.

We all grew up reciting these words over and over, every day with our hands over our heart, as if repeating them daily made them absolutely true. As we became a more diverse nation, we discovered that we could be offensive if we said "one nation under God." Many of our children today do not even know The Pledge of Allegiance…because of the mention of "God."

I submit that the real offensive nature contained in The Pledge is that it unequivocally tells us that there is "liberty and justice for all." Perhaps you still believe in the system of justice as outlined by our forefathers. Perhaps you still believe all that you learned in American Government. But, there IS a reason you are visiting this site. Maybe you saw a television news show on Darlie’s case; maybe it was an article in a national magazine that prompted you to give us a visit. Whatever reason brought you here, the bottom line is that you want to know more about a case that just doesn’t feel right. Maybe you don’t even know why it doesn’t feel right.

As you read the following pages you will learn exactly how fractured our judicial system really is and why this verdict doesn’t feel right. You will learn exactly why you have found your way to our website. Intrinsically, you know that something is wrong with the verdict regarding the State of Texas vs. Darlie Routier. If you felt totally comfortable with whatever you have read or seen pertaining to Darlie’s case, you would simply accept the guilty verdict and move on to another news show. Your unease has lead you here.

So, do your conscience a favor and explore this case. Take in the words, listen (really listen) to the evidence. Let your heart and your common sense take over. If you do, you will KNOW the truth.

The truth is that there is an innocent woman on death row and her name is Darlie Routier.

We cannot ignore the following pages and still call ourselves "humane." We are in charge of our future as a nation. We are all responsible for keeping the U.S. Constitution alive!

But, do take heed, for you are about to realize that much of what you have been taught since childhood is a falsehood. There is NOT liberty and justice for all.

There IS something called "winning and losing." There IS something called "upholding a conviction." There IS something to the idea of convicting the easiest person in sight to appease an angry, frightened public. And there IS something to the idea of jurors making a mistake.

This IS a non-partisan site. Democrat, Republican, Independent…it just doesn’t matter.

Additionally, this is NOT an anti-death penalty site. Whether you are a death penalty opponent or a death penalty proponent, NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THE WRONG PERSON EXECUTED. For one moment in time, both sides can be united.

Buckle up! You are in for a bumpy ride.

- Anne Good