Transcript Discrepancies

11/17/98 By Holly Becka / The Dallas Morning News

Conflicting stories abound about the reason for yesterday's postponement of the hearing regarding trial transcript discrepancies in Darlie Routier's capital murder trial.

According to yesterday's Noon TV news, the hearing had been postponed until Thursday due to a misunderstanding or confusion by witness, Sandra Halsey, regarding the date and time of the hearing.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports, "Halsey, who served as court reporter during Routier's trial last year, was expected to respond to questions about the transcript problems yesterday. But the hearing was delayed until Thursday after her attorney failed to appear at court because he was misinformed of the hearing date."

ForDarlieRoutier.Org Source Writes:
"Actually, we waited for more than two hours. Finally Sandra Halsey and a man showed up. Sandra announced that this man would talk. He said that he was there to speak for Sandra's attorney and that he (the attorney) had another obligation and could not be there today for the hearing and asked for continuance. The judge showed his disapproval and asked what was so important that he could not be there. The man finally divulged that her attorney had not had time to properly discuss everything with his client. Then, the judge asked both attorneys if they objected to rescheduling the hearing for Thursday morning. What else could they say?

The judge did not look happy. He repeated the day, date and time for the next hearing. He said, 'If the court house clock was not working ...,' we would go by the time his watch that he is wearing on his wrist says it is."