After reading Judge Francis ruling on my daughter's case, again I was sickened that we have elected a coward and a puppet to represent our constitution in a courtroom where the truth is supposed to be the most important thing.
Notice how Francis didn't address fingerprints in blood while many experts agree are not the boys or Darlie's or anyone that was at the crimescene.  He refuses to run it through the FBI database; why???  Because that would prove some one else was in the house and did this crime and the Texas justice system would be embarased again.
Also Francis did not address all the DNA that should be tested. This particular testing was not available in 1996.  He is doing what the prosecutors and DA Hill is asking him to do.
As far as I am concerned, he is not worthy of the robe he wears but rather should be wearing a jump suit like the criminals he is acting like.  To take an innocent life is murder.  Judge Francis, Toby Shook and Bill Hill will be murderers i f my innocent daughter dies to protect their careers.
I hope you find this worth of print in your newspaper.  People need to be educated about their ELECTED OFFICIALS when they are not doing their jobs.
Darlie Kee
mother of Darlie Routier