Letters for Saturday

12:06 AM CST on Saturday, February 28, 2004

Innocents on death row

We saw The Exonerated Sunday night at Casa Mañana in Fort Worth – a wonderful, well-written presentation of how the judicial system seeks prestige and power over truth and innocence. In staff critic Tom Sime's Feb. 18 review, it is obvious he has not heard the whole story of Kerry Max Cook or he would not make such blind statements that question Kerry's innocence. Yet DNA facts clearly suggest that the murderer was in fact the girl's married professor-lover and that Kerry Max Cook was the scapegoat. Another victim of a corrupt justice system is Darlie Lynn Routier. While the media act so holy and above the fray, innocent people are being railroaded. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals is another bunch of politicians. Hang the truth!

As long as law officials are allowed to lie with impunity and district attorneys can pay for perjured testimony just to win their case, none of us is safe!

Saundra Gordon, Mesquite