The Darlie Routier Case

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Proof of Intruder      Voluntary Statements      Darlie's Wounds      Autopsies      Writ Affidavits      Writ Exhibits      Defense Trial Exhibits      State's Trail Exhibits      Other Affidavits and Exhibits

Proof of Intruder
New Evidence     Statement at Press Conference August 17, 2004
Exhibit 85J     Bloody fingerprint left by the intruder.

Voluntary Statements
Darlie Routier     
Darin Routier

Darlie's Wounds
Trial Exhibits     
Night Shirt
Other Wounds


Writ Affidavits
Dr. Elizabeth A. Johnson     Factual basis for objecting to Austin DPS Lab over Dallas
Dr. Elizabeth A. Johnson     New DNA tests available
Dr. Elizabeth A. Johnson     Review of prior DNA Tests from 1996
J. Steven Cooper     RE: Susan Simmons
J. Steven CooperRE: Evidence
J. Douglas Crowder, M.D.
Richard L. Jantz, Ph.D.9 July 2003
Richard L. Jantz, Ph.D.Exhibit 2, 26 February 2003
Darlie Kee
Terry L. Laber
Charles LinchRE: Experts
Charles LinchRE: Knife
Robert C. LohnesExhibit 1
Samuel Palenick
Douglas H. Parks
Darlene Potter
Richard Reyna
Robbie Gene Kee
Darin Routier
Charles L. Samford
Susan SimmonsJuly 2002
Susan SimmonsAugust 2002

Writ Exhibits
Exhibit 1     Affidavit of Robert C. Lohnes
Exhibit 1aCV of Robert C. Lohnes
Exhibit 1bFingerprint card of Darlie Lynn Routier
Exhibit 2Affidavit of Richard L. Jantz, Ph.D. dated 2/26/2003
Exhibit 3Disputed Facts or Law
Exhibit 4Dallas v. Sandra Halsey

Defendant's Trial Exhibits
Exhibit 1     Darlie just after surgery
Exhibit 2Close up of her left shoulder after surgery
Exhibit 3In hostpital bed after surgery
Exhibit 4Neck wound after surgery with bandage
Exhibit 5Stab wound to right forarm, Bruising underneath
Exhibit 82Stab wound to right forarm
Exhibit 84Injuries to left hand and bruising of wrist
Exhibit 85Stab wound to right forarm, bruising, swelling
Exhibit 86Bruising of inside of arm near elbow
Exhibit 87Cuts to fingers on left hand
Exhibit 88Bruises to the back of both wrists
Exhibit 89Bruises to arms and wrists
Exhibit 90Shoulder wound after one bandage is removed
Exhibit 91Neck wound with bandage
Exhibit 92Closeup of Neck wound with bandage
Exhibit 95Injury to forarm with swelling

State's Trial Exhibits
Exhibit 52-A     Severe Bruising of right forarm
Exhibit 52-BMore bruising of forarm and neck wound
Exhibit 52-COther cuts on right forarm
Exhibit 52-DBruising of inside of arm near elbow
Exhibit 52-ESevere Bruise of underside of right forarm
Exhibit 52-FWound and bruise to right forarm
Exhibit 52-GIn hospital bed after surgery<
Exhibit 52-HAnother view in hospital bed
Exhibit 52-IStab wound to right forarm
Exhibit 52-MBruise to left wrist and upper arm
Exhibit 52-NBruise to left wrist
Exhibit 85-JBloody fingerprint left by the intruder