Affidavit of Darin Routier

In the Criminal District Court No.3

Dallas County, Texas


No. F96-39973-MJ          IN THE CRIMINAL


NO. 3 OF





BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, on this day personally appeared DARIN ROUTIER, who, being by me duly sworn on his oath, stated the following:


"My name is Darin Routier. I am over the age of twenty-one and I reside in McKinney, Texas. I am capable and fully competent to make this affidavit. The statement herein are true and correct to the best of my personal knowledge. I am the husband of the Petitioner, Darlie Lynn Routier.


"In 1994, I spoke to a person about my Jaguar automobile. In that conversation, I said that "it wouldn't bother me" if the Jaguar was stolen. That person then stole the Jaguar.


"In March or April, 1996, I asked my father-in-law Robbie Gene Kee, if he knew anyone who would agree to burglarize my home as part of an insurance scam. I said that I would arrange for my family to be absent from my house at 5801 Eagle Drive, that someone who I would hire would come to the house and take away the furniture and other items from my house in a U-Haul truck, and that I would then pay that person from the proceeds of the resulting insurance payments.


"Between March 1996 and May 1996, I told multiple people of my planned insurance scam.


"In the late evening on June 5, 1996, I had a verbal disagreement with my wife Darlie Lynn Routier. During that discussion, my wife asked me for a martial separation.


"I first met with attorney Douglas Mulder in July 1996. I met at least once a week with Mr. Mulder in July 1996. The subject of the meetings was Mr. Mulder's potential representation of my wife Darlie Lynn Routier and I in her criminal trial.


"I continued to meet with Mr. Mulder in August 1996. During one of the meetings I had with Mr. Mulder in August 1996, he told me that the court-appointed attorneys in my wife's case, Wayne Huff and Douglas Parks, had confided in him that they were going to try and portray me as the person guilty of the murder of my sons Damon and Devon because they thought that I had something to do with the deaths of my sons. I told Mr. Mulder that if we hired him, I did not want him to "go after" me. Mr. Mulder agreed that, if hired to represent my wife, he would not argue as part of the defense that I was in any way responsible for the death of my children.


"Between July 1996 and late September 1996, I continued to meet regularly with Mr. Mulder. On September 30, 1996, Mr. Mulder represented me at a show cause hearing before Judge Tolle where the State of Texas alleged that I violated a gag order in the criminal case against my wife. In September and October 1996, I believe, based on Mr. Mulder's comments to me, that he was my attorney.


"On October 21, 1996, Mr. Mulder became lead counsel in my wife's criminal trial."




Darin Routier


SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me on this the 11 day of July, 2002




Notary Public, State of Texas