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Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3 - The state implied that Darlie did this wound to her neck, came within 2mm of her carriod artery and cut it, although right handed, from right to left on this downward angle. Stating that the state was ignorant is not strong enough. They went for a conviction and win, regardless of the cost of her innocence.
Picture 4 - Darlie is right handed. This wound on her right forearm clearly shows it was done by someone other than herself. Notice the second smaller wound that is gapping as well. I spoke with the doctor and he stated the larger wound was very serious and went to the bone. Would YOU be capable of doing this to yourself and never making a sound as the state implied?
Picture 5
Picture 6 - Not only can you see the bruises up the entire area of both of Darlie's arms, but look closely at her right hand on top. The bruising on top of her hand is very visable.
Picture 7 - Since both arms are wounded, these means that the state must claim that at one point she was holding the knife in a wounded arm when using it. That is not a reasonable theory.
Picture 8