The Darlie Routier Case

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This is a copy of the recording of the 911 call that Darlie Lynn Routier made from her home after being attacked during the early morning hours of June 6'th 1996. The 911 call was played during one of the detention hearings shortly after Ms. Routier was arrested. All we were able to get was a version that the State released to the public after state investigators contracted a firm to "Enhance" the tape. Family members who were at the hearing claim that there are now things missing from the tape that were heard during the hearing, for example when she is told by an officer arriving at the scene about her neck wound and her reaction when she sees her wound in the mirror. Others close to the case report that there is a difference in the length of the recording at the hearing as compared to what was released by the State.

Also the state contends that Mr. Routier slept through the incident but if you listen closely, you can hear him in the background. At one point he yells for Darlie to get towels. During the trial the state criticizes Darlie for using towels. She also talks to Damon who is still alive during the call.

Most of the media has had access to the police tape, and members of the defense have distributed copies. The media has been resistant to play the tape in its entirety because it is very disturbing. Several media outlets refused to play it because they are required to keep their reports balanced and this recording would cause too many listeners to support one side of the case.

This tape was played to the jury in pieces and not in full context. During this, the prosecutors insisted she was faking. Listen to the tape yourself in full context and without interruption and you will come to a different conclusion.